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Aquatop is one of the biggest pet supply markets in Germany. We have big departments for aquaristics, garden ponds, dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and amphibians. Due to our location near the border at the „Aachener Kreuz“, visitors from our bordering countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg belong to our customers. These can look forward to a lot of adventures at Aquatop: Starting with the 6.000-litre cylindrical seawater column, followed by the moderated piranha feeding, display aquariums, feeding koi and sturgeons up to our self-service dog wash system. The journey to Germany is worthwhile for a visit at Aquatop because your purchase will not only be eventful but your long drive will also be rewarded with discounts! All customers with a journey of more than 50 kilometers will receive a one-time purchase discount of € 5. The discount is redeemable and gilded once per customer with a purchase of 30 Euro or more.

Nous récompensons votre arrivée

Profitez de notre réduction sur les voyages sur les étendues d'Aquatop

Aquatop est l’un des plus importants marchés de fournitures pour animaux de compagnie en Allemagne. Nous avons de grands départements pour l’aquaristique, des bassins de jardin, des chiens, des chats, des petits animaux, des reptiles et des amphibiens. En raison de notre emplacement près de la frontière au „Aachener Kreuz“, les visiteurs de Belgique, des Pays-Bas et du Luxembourg appartiennent à nos clients.

Ceux-ci peuvent s’attendre à de nombreuses aventures chez Aquatop: à commencer par la colonne d’eau de mer cylindrique de 6 000 litres, suivie par la piranha modérée, les aquariums d’affichage, les koi et les esturgeons jusqu’à notre système de lavage pour chien en libre-service. Le voyage en Allemagne vaut la peine d'être visité à Aquatop, car votre achat sera non seulement riche en événements, mais votre long trajet sera également récompensé par des réductions!

Aquaristics - Dive with us | Aquatop - Pet supply market for aquaristics (aquaristics-dive-with-us-aquatop-pet-supply-market-for-aquaristics.jpg)

Aquaristics - Dive with us

At Aquatop you’ll find everything for aquaristics. The marvelous world of aquaristics is our passion. With our proficient aquaristics experts, huge selection of aquariums, technology and supplies as well as numerous display aquariums we’ll offer you the optimal service.

Above all, the seawater aquaristics arouses a special fascination. With the flamboyant colors, unusual forms and the technical needs, the seawater aquarium becomes a real eyecatcher. At Aquatop you’ll find various seawater aquariums and dwellers, as for example corals. These exotic creatures consist of a calcareous skeleton and small tubes. With a little bit of care, the cnidarians can result in a real coral reef. Madrepores can even build reefs which resemble the appearance of mountains. But not only the shape of the cnidarians is a special one, the colors are also very prominent, ranging from a warm Pink to an intensive Yellow. It is not for nothing that corals are known as flowers of the sea within aquaristics.

You can’t get enough of seawater aquaristics? Then you shouldn’t miss out on our unique cylindrical seawater column. This gem is located in the saltwater section and holds incredible 6.000 litres of seawater. The shape of the several metres high aquarium enables you a peerless insight into the colorful underwater world. In order to feel even more comfortable, you can get a coffee or a cocoa at our own beverage dispenser and fully enjoy your dive. With our free WLAN you can share your adventures at Aquatop with your friends.

If you are just as fascinated by the aquaristics, you can directly take home your new aquarium. We have a huge selection of aquariums, which you can view in our aquarium exhibition. Additionally, you’ll get the appropriate decoration, planting and dwellers. However, if you shouldn’t find the perfect fish tank in our display, we can design the aquarium according to your wishes in collaboration with our proficient partners. There are no limits placed on your creativity. Whether tiny or as big as a garage, we’ll do it!

Garden pond: An oasis in the country

A garden pond converts your garden into a divine oasis. The cool water in combination with water lilies, fountains, koi and lilies is a true treasure. If you are as fascinated by the garden pond as we are, then Aquatop is just right for you! At our place you’ll find everything from planning to planting and dwellers. We can even offer you a full package for the pond construction. You’ll talk to our pond construction experts about your wishes and together you’ll inspect the location in your garden. Subsequently you’ll lean back and we’ll build your individual garden pond. We can also provide the appropriate technology and planting. In order to enjoy the view of your garden pond as long as possible, you can use our care and maintenance service. Thereby, experienced peers undertake the care and maintenance of your garden pond.

You want to take care of your garden pond on your own? No problem! We’ll advise you on everything you need to keep in mind. This includes the quality of your water for example. It determines essentially, how your pond dwellers and plants are. For this reason, the water quality should be checked regularly. If you’ll bring one litre of your pond water with you, we’ll analyze it for free. The free water analysis is carried out by the use of microscopy and photometer. If the results are not satisfying, we’ll directly deliver a suitable solution.

What would a garden pond be without its dwellers? If you want to have a colorful garden pond, then koi are ideal for you. The Japanese carps exist in various color combinations. Whether an intensive Red or pure White, at our market you’ll find a big choice. Our koi swim in multiple display fish tanks and ponds. The bubbly carps can be observed or even fed. Our friendly staff will give advice about everything concerning the koi. Our koi pass through a long quarantine, before they are offered for sale. All of our koi are tested for the koi herpes virus (KHV).

You’ll find multiple dwellers in our display ponds. At our place, you can even get primeval creatures like the sturgeon. Sturgeons belong to the geologically oldest, still widespread animals. They can grow up to 6 metres and weigh as much as 400 kilo. When your garden pond is big enough, then this prehistoric fish can enhance your pond. You are not exactly sure, what surgeons are? Come to Aquatop, find out and feed the likeable giants.

Everything for your dog - Aquatop - Pet supply market for dogs (everything-for-your-dog-aquatop-pet-supply-market-for-dogs.jpg)

Everything for your dog

The dog, our friend and companion. Dogs are faithful family members, who accompany us on travels and trips. For a safe car ride, you need a pet carrier in order to prevent the dog from bouncing around unsafely. Additionally, the pet carrier protects the dog in the case of an accident. At the same time, the box is a place of tranquility for your furry friend. This is the reason why a pet carrier belongs to the basic equipment for keeping of dogs. At Aquatop you can test the pet carrier directly in your car. Our staff willingly helps you to tentatively place the box in your car. Afterwards, your dog can be seated in it and you’ll see, if everything fits. In this way you’ll find the optimal pet carrier.

Many more great products are waiting for you and your dog at Aquatop. Dog beds, leashes, collars and pillows can be tested as well by your four-legged friend. Afterwards you can supply your dog with delicious snacks from our diverse snackeria. The products are dried and partly not treated, so that they are also suitable for raw feeding. Additionally, we have our own raw feeding section, which offers a great choice of products and the proper food for your furry friends. Apart from kibble and wet food, we also stock special food for allergies or intolerances. Our hypoallergenic food is acquirable in various flavors.

For water loving dogs, we have the perfect attraction in front of our market. There you’ll find our self-service dog wash system. The dog wash system is open 24 hours a day and functions in a manner similar to a carwash. The dog walks independently over a grippy ramp right into the washing box. Thereby your back will be efficiently spared, since you do not have to lift or stoop. The washing bay has the programs water, water and foam as well as blow-drying. In this way your dog becomes really, while your bathroom stays neat and tidy.

Our opening hours and contact

Our market has a lot to offer. Whether feeding koi and sturgeons, the self-service dog wash system, the cylindrical seawater column, the moderated piranha feeding or our garden pond displays. Our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 6 pm. We’ll even open for you on Belgian holidays, like the Belgian National Day, Assumption of Mary and Armistice Day – as long as the holiday is not a Sunday. An exception is the self-service dog wash system. It is opened 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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On this page we introduced our stunning pet shop to you. We’d be really happy if you visit us and if we can convince you of our shop personally! Besides our high quality products, the comprehensive biodiversity as well as great events, multiple services are waiting for you. Do you have any questions you would like to have answered before you visit our eventful shop? Then feel free to use our contact form. Here you can ask all of your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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